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It’s time to level up your pizza-making at home.  Learn the secrets to producing our version of the ultra-addictive, bar-style pizza crust in your home oven.  This thin, crispy, chewy crust will make your pizza nights legendary.

  • Learn the complete Bar Pie process used by @notorious_p.i.e
  • Learn what equipment and ingredients we use to make Bar Pizza at home.
  • Start making homemade pizza that doesn't taste homemade, for a fraction of the cost.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Nathan H
Great guide

This is a great guide for getting started making pizzeria style pizza at home. I was shocked at just how easy it was! 10/10 would recommend

Darrell P.

We've tried pizza at home before and it was good enough, but that's it. When I saw this book and read the reviews, I had to order it.
Wow! The book so well written and easy to follow. Luke does an amazing job, not just telling what tool or ingredients to use, but also why to use them. Having the weights listed for the ingredients makes it repeatable (4 times in the first two weeks).
This pizza is amazing and we made it and at home! Trust me it is as delicious as it looks. But the best part...we make two and put the second in the refrigerator for the morning because this is simply the best cold pizza I have ever eaten.
Thanks Luke! I can't wait to try the Chicago style next!!

Joey S.

Great book!

Karl S.

Turned out excellent on the first try. Dough worked well and was the perfect level of crunchiness. It’s hard to find the the Midwest bar pie I grew up on living in the south, and this is exactly what I was hoping for.

Jesse C.

First time I’ve made a Bar style pizza. Turned out amazing. Instructions were clear and well written. 10/10 would recommend.